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Jamb 2022/2023

By Balogun Soliu

Posted on March 11, 2022 - 09:16:49pm

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Are you applying for the first time? Jamb is not a nightmare. With proper orientation, you will pass jamb at first attempt. Although most people who are rewriting Jamb are not doing so because they failed. They found themselves in such situation because their most preferred institution couldn't admit them.

Are you rewriting Jamb? Jamb is still not a nightmare. You passed it once, you'll pass it again and better.

I'll list out what plans you need to follow to pass Jamb, and what steps you need to follow to ensure you don't end up rewriting Jamb next year due to post utme or any other reasons.

How to pass Jamb:

✓. Get past questions: The importance of past questions in preparing for any exam cannot be overemphasized. It's has been proven several times that past questions are repeated often. When I wrote jamb few years ago for the 4th time intermittently, I had mastered my notes and textbook. What I was missing was practicing past questions. So the 4th time, I concentrated on only past questions that I almost memorized the questions and answers. You really need to get the past questions. You can send me a mail if you need the soft copy.

✓. Attending tutorials: This is as important as having past questions. But I understand that not all candidates are privileged to be able to attend a jamb or post utme tutorial center. But if you can even if it is for few weeks, try and attend.

✓. Mock Exam: You'll grab an insight on what to expect during the main exam.

✓. Revision: Different people have their different ways of revising. Some can revise a day or
wo days before the exam, while some must revise till the last minute. Whichever works for you, make sure you do it. It's very effective.

✓. Prayer: It can only be God.

How to scale through post utme and be admitted:

✓. Choose your most preferred institution wisely. You cannot compare the competitiveness of University of Lagos to that of University of Abuja.

✓. Have a plan: During my time of seeking admission. At the 4th attempt, I set up a plan. I chose FUTA as most preferred and I wrote the post utme. The result came out same day and I didn't do very well. So the next day, I did change of institution to Uniabuja who just released her post utme form and the rest is history.

✓. Second Choice: Choose you second choice institution wisely. Don't just pick any school. Pick a school that you can fall back on if your most preferred institution fails to admit you. As you're applying for post utme of your 1st choice institution, also apply for that of your 2nd choice institution. It is not about where you studied, but rather about how you studied.

✓. Pray: It can only be God.

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